Our Day at a Palestinian Rights Rally

My son holding a rally sign

59th street. The Rally ended here. This was taken almost at the end. 

          Our Family went to a Rally today in Times Square in NYC (42nd and 7th) protesting the Gaza Massacre.  Chris and I took our 2 kids with us, ages 4 and 1.5.  Parents out there with kids should know how much work it takes to get kids ready for even the smallest of outings, so this was a huge undertaking.  Of course, with getting ready and frantically trying to find parking we got there one and half hours late.  We were excited to see thousands of people mobilized to march. The powerful and emotion-filled chants were heard many blocks away.  Disappointingly, there were not many people there who were not of Middle Eastern dissent, no Latinos, no African Americans, nothing.  As we walked back to where we parked the car my son carried a huge tall sign he found abandoned nearby with the rally's message in advertised in bright colors.  He proudly walked displaying his sign as curious and confused walkers peeked at it's message. 
           As we walked back the 19 blocks back to our car we were hit with another world, the 5th Avenue shoppers, full of well dressed walkers and general families unfamiliar with the energetic rally just a few blocks away. New York is interesting that way.   My husband Chris who, unlike me, has attended hundreds of similar rallies felt no matter what the numbers are the media would never give it the attention it deserves. Similarly, I left the rally  feeling a sense of sadness at the inaudibility of these passionate cries for human rights for dignity and respect. 

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