Update on New Works and Ideas

          I am currently researching all forms of mosaics by looking through books I ordered from my local library (see above). Looking at others' work is the one thing that inspires me to create my own work.  Some might think that restricts one's uniqueness, yet I feel it actually allows me to grow as an artist. To see other people's visions and interpretations always makes me want to create my own interpretation.  Inspiration can come from various venues.  It can come from a conversation, or a situation, or something as simple a a feeling.  

        This is a sampling of the work I am doing now.  It's not a tile mosaic. I am using paper and gluing my collage using the mosaic style as my inspiration. The collage is on a 3'x4' canvas. It will be of a woman turning into a tree....an image that haunts me lately. 
          This is a detail of my collage mosaic. I am using 50% recycled paper (magazines and flyers) punched into 1/2" squares. 

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  1. In you profile you write that: Having kids has changed not only my art, but also my political views, my involvement in the community, and strengthened my buddhist-based beliefs.

    Yes, the children really make us more mature and more responsible towards ourselves and others. Do you read Buddhist literature? We can talk much on that subject.

    Naval Langa


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