America's Obsession with BLING questioned...

So we are in a recession. People are lessening their expenses, and being forced to live a simpler life in order to make ends meet. In the middle of all this, two nights ago, I am looking for a channel to help me relax as I  nurse Nora to sleep. I catch a show on WEtv, none like I've seen before called, Platinum Weddings. It's not a new show by all means, it's just the first time I've seen it. This program showcases couples who spend extraordinary and unbelievable amounts of money on their wedding.  As I watched an entire show something about it bothered me, yet I could not quite put my finger on it. 

Aside from the obvious thoughts that could pop up such as, "With that 130K, someone could pay for an entire house"....etc....there was another idea that began to take form. The idea of the unquestioned fascination with BLING as being an unquestioned American obsession. The most, the biggest, the loudest seems to always win out over any other paradigm. Does it?  Does money really bring happiness? 99.9% of the population will say "No, material objects do not bring happiness" yet, still drool at the sight of a fancy car or act amazed at hearing about some celebrity's extravagant spending spree. These ideas of materialism's empty promises are as old as I am, yet I think most people do not really believe them. Deep in our core, we still value ourselves by how much we can frivolously spend. 

I was told once by a very bright principal of a school I worked in 4 years ago, "If you have a problem do not come to me unless you have a solution." My solution to this show would be to change it's focus. I would love to see a show called Creative Weddings.  In this show people of all walks of life, people who are more like you and me, make their day special. As a naturally creative person who places supreme value on creativity over expense, I do not see any merit in buying a chandelier worth 30 thousand dollars for a one time event; what is creative about that?!!   I do on the other hand find merit in a couple that thought up some incredibly unique way to make their day stand out without all the expenses. If you open your mind, beauty does not come dressed in diamonds....beauty is everywhere. 

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  1. Oh I so agree, since I saw the movie 'Blood Diamond' I find it gross when others spend like there is no tomorrow... Love you creative wedding idea.. always seemed silly to me to spend outrageously on a wedding and beginning a marriage in debt... I gets its a matter of priorities


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