Carrot Apple Craze Hits Again

My son, daughter, husband and I realized it was months since we last made carrot-apple juice. We use to make this juice every night with my son when carrots were on sale for 4lbs/$1. Now that Nora is older we thought she'd enjoy being part of this new nightly tradition.
Luke and Nora fight over the carrots

Luke lectures Nora on how to break the carrots.
"This is how you break them Nora"
Nora conducts a quality control sniff.
...Now a quality control taste.
Our cut up carrots and apples. 3 carrots and 1 apple make an 8 once glass of juice. 
Luke is the one who sticks the carrots in the machine. 
Luke pushes the cut carrots through the machine. 
Nora drinks the carrot-apple juice.  We are a "straw" family. 
Luke makes enough for Lela (grandma).
When you have carrot-apple, you always get "carrot-apple juice" face. 
Nora tried to sneak in some of Luke's juice. 

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