If you have not discovered ETSY......you are missing something in your life

This necklace can be found at www.Sproutonline.etsy.com

 It was about 4 years ago a friend of mine was surprised I knew nothing of ETSY.com. She told me I'd love it and about it's many ways to search for items and I decided to go and have a look around. I was addicted at hello. Since then most of my holiday and birthday gifts come from ETSY.com.  They are well priced but most importantly, everything is unique and sometimes even one-of-a-kind. Below are just some items I found at etsy.com that I'd love to get if I had the money......(I also have my own store on etsy, www.MiriamsArt.Etsy.com).

For the jewels below just click on the link provided and you'll be taken to the appropriate etsy store. 

 This necklace and the ring below can be found at www.Sproutonline.etsy.com
 This ring and the necklace below can be found at www.jealousydesign.etsy.com
 This amazing bracelet can be found at  www.Jealousydesign.etsy.com

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