Selling Art Kits on My Online Store Website

  I thought of this this morning and went to Michael's to get everything I would need to make one kit. 
 The kit includes:
1. 16x20 gallery wrapped canvas
2. Mod Dodge Glue and sealant
3. Flat brush to paint and use with glue
4. 1 lb. recycled paper circles
5. Fiskars puncher (1/2 inch squares)
6. Booklet with instructions and ideas of various projects you can explore
7. 4 photos of my own work and ways I have used the same materials to make abstract collages.
8. a list of resources of where to buy more punchers of various sizes and shapes. 
9. Tube of white acrylic paint to paint canvas, prior to creating your collage on it. 

If interested you can view it at my store

This is what a Fiskar's Squeeze Puncher looks like. You can buy them to make any shape and in various sizes. 

I always use recycled materials. Here are samples of what the small squares look like.  They measure around 1/2" across. 

 The circle ones are my favorite. These measure 2" across. 
I am making a HUGE paper mosaic of a woman turning into a tree. I am halfway done. This item will be available for sale at my Etsy shop soon. 
Here is an abstract collage I made from the circle and square punchers. All using recycled materials of course. This collage is available for purchase at my online store
Here is a collage I made from large circles cut into spirals. You can purchase this collage on my Etsy store
Here is a photo I took from the cutouts.  I love to place a light source coming from one direction and seeing what happens. This one is my favorite. You can buy prints of this and other like at on my online art store on Etsy.com

If you're inspired to make your own....please send me pictures....I love knowing that my work inspires others to get creative. 

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