The Value of Visual Images-A tattoo is born

This is a great image I found online.  It's a print done by an artist Laura Cesari. I am not too crazy about celtic designs for me personally, but what a great transition between woman and tree.  

This one print is sold at an Etsy store called, Redwisper. These 2 are great for generating ideas. 

I am a big lover of tattoos. They are a source of great strength for the individual and I am glad to see less stigma due to their widespread popularity. 

As an artist I have a very developed imaginative visual world that coexists alongside this one. When I hear a song I imagine myself dancing in the air like a bird, when I am full to the brim with laughter I imagine myself a child. I know these visual scenarios are just thoughts and have no reality.  Yet, they certainly help keep me occupied. 

So it came no surprise when I began visually seeing myself and identifying myself as a woman turning into a tree. I have always experienced and interpreted trees  to be a pure representation of nature and what is very right about this earth.  The visual image of me morphing into a tree alludes to an instinctual turning inwards for answers and growing in a way that does not conflict with nature and all of its creatures.  

I then realized that having this image on me would reinforce my movement in this positive direction and also strengthen my resolve to stay on this route for the rest of my life. The plight of having this tattooed  became of spiritual  importance. I found several pictures online that carried a similarity in the image yet varied on the clarity of force of the message I was looking to express. Now it's a matter of finding the right tattoo artist...."Artist" being the key word here. Someone that would add their own personal style to the whole design. Any suggestions?


  1. I have two tats.. the word 'strength' in script above my toes.. and a tribal design/flower on my hip/back..

    I love tattoos but not the sailor/skulls etc types. I particularly like womens tatoos as they seem to put thought into the meaning of them and most are unique to the individual

    I love the first image..but especially for the meaning you attatched to them... I designed both mine by taking two images from the net and combining them, then the tatooist enlarged and stenciled the design on. Ask to see work they have done, mine has a visitors book for people to comment on.. talk to others who have used the artist...

    tis so exciting to finally get it done... cant wait to see yours

  2. I will post pictures of it when I get it done....I am very excited about it......


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