Is a Religion Ever Right To Outlaw Love?

Anyone who knows me personally or through this blog knows I am an avid supported of the Palestinian cause. I try to read other blogs and independent news reels about this issue because I so very much feel they've have had to endure so much suffering and continue to do so today. In my readings I ran across a blog called Diary of a Muslim Girl and in her most recent post she mentioned how there is a gay rights group in her university with one Muslim member. She ends with sharing that for "a Muslim to actually go and join the group and promote homosexuality while doing so is something that seems a bit iffy" for "homosexuality is condemned in Islam." 

While I greatly appreciate her candor and openness for discussion, I was appalled to read the comments that followed which went along the lines of didn't he know it's not okay or some comment on how watered down the religion has become. The author herself further clarified by saying, "I am completely against homosexuality as well and I am disgusted by it." 

Let's look at this a bit clearer. I always find it interesting that the people that have the most intensely negative feelings about gays (or any group for that matter) have never even associated with anyone from that group personally. I say this because to come out and say, "disgusted" is a bit strong. If I were to say, " I am disgusted at ________ (fill in your group here) " that would seem strange too. Wouldn't it?

I can only shed light on my personal views on the purpose of religion and/or spirituality in my life. But I strongly believe that if it's outcome is hatred, separation and a general "warrior" approach to the true nature of humanity...Then I'd dare say it's being used to separate, and therefore not served right. I understand that in the great spectrum of all the wonderful religions of the world there are some that may be more prescriptive in nature than others....do this, not this, no to that, boys here, girls here...etc. But no matter how prescriptive our religion may be, shouldn't our instinctual ideas and inner voices of what is truly important, right and solid also play even a small role in determining right from wrong? or are we to just be on automatic for the rest of our lives. If so, then why give us free will, why give us reasoning?  

In my heart,  love can never be bad; no matter what color, or gender, size....love is love is love is love. 

Now if you want to fight evil and stand for some good, there are some truly dark evils out there for you to tackle...and gays are not one of them at all. For example, I saw this show on Oprah months ago about child molesters who rape children as young as 3-years old and write manuals for other molesters to do the same and publish them online. Every time I think back to what I saw and heard on that show I tremble in my deepest core to think people like that exist. I also saw a show called I Survived where a woman lived to tell of her repeated savage stabbing and beating by three teenagers. People filled with hate and rage are out there and should our focus not be on them? or on how to not raise sociopaths such as these in our society? These are the true haters, for lack of another better word.  On a more powerful yet subtle level, poverty too is an evil.  When people are desperate and without the bare basics, a lot of suffering can come out of it. 

 My question is......in religion/spirituality, can our own interpretation or deeply instinctual ideas come to play?  I think spirituality should ultimately serves my own inner personal  search for god. I also think this argument may go any direction for it all depends on whether you feel the sacred is out there to attain or already within us. I feel it's within us......god is in me and everyone, and as long as love is there to shine the light, it can't be bad. 

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