It's always an Adventure at Jones Beach

We packed lunch, took extra washable diaper inserts, 2 beach chairs, my 40D camera and went to the beach for the whole morning. Jones Beach is only about a 10 minute drive from our house and it was free because it's not technically beach time yet. Yet, when we got there, we could not find parking; it was packed. The big plus was that those awful unsightly garbage cans that pepper this public beach were not out yet...so the beach looked absolutely beautiful and peaceful. 

Nora always has to smell everything
"What IS this granulated substance."
We found a spider......the highlight of the trip. 
Nora would not stop looking at it....she even waved it goodbye at the end. 
There were hardly any driftwood around...so I made a very minimal nature sculpture today. 
A slightly different perspective.
Last time we were there (just a few weeks ago) there were more driftwood, so I was able to make something more elaborate. 

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