Soup Diet....AN UPDATE

Okay, so it's been a week since I started my conviction to make and have 3 servings of soup a day.  I've had a hard time trying to make each recipe very different than the last so as to not get boring. But I have a few very positive changes I've noticed. 

1. I have so much energy. I am naturally very energetic, but man am I flying lately.

2. I am not needing coffee. I usually go through a caffeine "need" at around 2pm every day.  I have not even thought about it. 

3. When sleeping, my arm had been falling asleep for over a year, even during times when I would not be laying on it. I have not had that happen AT ALL this whole week. I have slept like a baby all week. It could be that because the soups are so filling that it allowed me to cut down or stop eating bloating foods such as pasta and bread. 

4. My face looks less bloated. You would not notice...but I can tell. 

5. I am less hungry for sweets or other bad foods. I just feel a normal sense of satisfaction....

so, where from here....?

I will continue to make my soups daily, freeze them for later and think about how we are what we eat....I do not want to be junk.....I deserve better. 

Today I made a soup with split peas, potatoes, yam and cauliflower and then blended the whole thing. It was absolutely delicious.....I froze 1-person servings and drank one serving for lunch. Now what can I do next?  Any ideas?

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