Art Teacher- An Endangered Species

So I am looking for a full time art teaching job with benefits....and the works. I have a special education masters and an education specialist degree in special education leadership yet after teaching art for the past 4 years, I now know this is my dream career, and want nothing else.

My husband thinks this wish very foolish in the midst of a depression and the state of the economy, yet, if I am to work, I want to do something that feeds my soul and I am willing to wait it out. I will stop at nothing to get this job. I have applied to all counties within 4 nearby states.  Nightly, I e-mail resumes and rewrite individualized cover letters.  

What I find disconcerting is the few art teaching positions out there. In addition, of the hundreds of resumes/cover letters sent I have gotten back maybe two e-mail responses even acknowledging the receipt of my resume. Each county has at most 3 openings, some, like NYC have none. But my persistence and patience will pay off I am sure of it. 

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