Recesssion, Pandemic and ......Abortion#*@? and other issues....

Of all the things President Obama could be addressing right now, he's addressing abortion? Can we worry about the suffering and the living please! We are in the middle of a recession where millions are without jobs and more coming, we are facing a possible pandemic where thousands could be affected and die and he's addressing abortion....and at a graduation! I am pro-choice all the way but this is not the time to address this issue.....there are more pressing issues I would love to see addressed. 100% of the people I know and am associated with are not sitting around thinking about abortion......most people I know are worried about retaining their jobs or finding one....

As a point aside, I read some article about his speech on Yahoo News and saw that the rowdy protester was interviewed for the article. That is simply unfair. When thousands of protesters stood around for days in front of the Republican Convention in 2008 I did not read one interview of these people in the mainstream news.....not one.....they were simply referred to as the protesters and there was some mention of police riot gear, but no luxury of an interview!!! The media tries to show us how these people protesting are the majority, yet I'd seriously question that facade.  

Now there is a handful of rude protesters who break in to a commencement, call the President of the United States a "baby killer" and they get coverage!!.....and they have the gaul to call the media a liberal media...please! Who is dumb enough to believe that! Here is the 2-second moment of fame for this gal who by the way does not sound too bright. Her comment is annoyingly typical of what most people who dislike Obama has to say about him.....it's always some fictional character -flaw they and they alone see in him....hey, If you are going to disagree with the man you could at least address the issues, and not his character.

One of the protesters at Notre Dame, Jill Stanek, an anti-abortion blogger who did not support Obama, said

“It was just a regurgitation of things he’s said for a long time,” Stanek said. “He’s so good at expressing your point of view, so people are lulled into thinking he agrees

with them, and he doesn’t. It’s just so typical Barack Obama.”

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