Mom's Moments...

I love being a mom....all the hard times you put up with daily melt away instantly in moments like these and I would even go through hundreds of hours of whining and kid drama just so that this moment can be realized multiple times.

I was in the car yesterday prepping the kids for our small outing. For those of you who are not around kids..a 2-year-old talks but with 1-2 words at a time....and well, they do not really hold a conversation YET....Luke on the other hand expresses himself very well.....with that in mind, here is the script.

Mom: We are going to the bank guys.
Nora: Bank!! (she claps and smiles....they get these small lollipops there for free if they sit tight and behave)
Luke: I am going to get the grape one (excited tone)
Mom: Luke, did I tell you that when I went there last time with just Nora, she chose one for you, a blue one, and did not eat it the whole ride to the house....she held it until she saw you. Isn't that nice. Your sister loves you so much Luke.
Luke: Thanks Nora you are the best ever. Best, best, best!!! But you got me the blue one Nora. Next time, Nora (he repeats her name a lot) get me the grape one. Okay, the grape one....
Nora: Yah, Yah.....(nodding in understanding....but not)
Luke: You hear that Nora....the grape one, that is my favorite....okay?
Nora: Yah....(Nodding again like she understands)
Mom: (cracking up while driving)

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