Would you like a shower....or a million bucks?

Tiredness is a wonderful state to be in......
when tired....or should I say, exhausted your mind has a way of cutting out the unimportant and only focusing on the main issues at hand...such as food, pain, sleep...etc

I just did a 7-hour yard sale on an 85 degree day. For someone that hates being out in the sun like myself, that is a HUGE, huge feat. As I sat for the first time in the day and all I wanted was a warm shower....and man did that make a difference. You would have thought someone handed me a million dollars in cash if you saw my smile right after that shower....

Now I am happy, resting in my rocking chair, my skin feeling clean and fresh....now I just have to cross my fingers that the kids do not wake from their nap for maybe another hour.....but that may be wishing too much.....okay...half hour.


  1. I don't know how you found me; but, I'm glad you did and we can visit each other.

  2. I guess showering for some makes them feel like a million bucks. I get the same experience when I am fresh or even refreshed.

  3. I'll take the million!!! :O)

    But I know what you mean. I spent 4 days hiking across Haleakala volcano, and even though I could only take a washcloth "wipedown" with only plain cold water, it felt better than anything imaginable, at the time!!!


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