The US Rebellion Against Intellectualism and REASON

It's so sad....the public option in healthcare is dead. How each side could come to the table so sure of their position and not able to come to some real compromise is so sad. Now each American HAS to pay for healthcare, and the health companies get richer.

The exchange below shows how reasoning and intellectualism have been tossed out the window. Why are FACTS not the main topic of conversation? If we stick to the facts and people searched for the FACTS there might be some real change....but no one really cares about the facts....I see people right and left complaining about their health care yet they do not want to discuss this issue.....they hardly see their essential role in this.....

This is a huge win for the insurance companies.....companies control America and profits matter more than people....such a sad day.....

end of rant....back to life.

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