Following the Parent's Tao Te Ching for the Next Few Months

I love re-finding books in my home library. Lately, I've been needing some grounding in my thinking when it comes to what is really important in parenting. Luke has started school and all of the sudden I find myself uptight and unable to just ALLOW.

Here are some lines from the 1st Tao that I will try my hardest to follow in the next few days.

1. "Don't mistake your desire to talk for their readiness to listen."
I am a BIG lecturer. I have memories of me rambling on and on and seeing my son just hating every minute of it. Then I have memories of my mom lecturing me and acting very much the same way; could not wait to have it just end. So I will ease up on my lecture seeing as they are very ineffective.

2. "Far more important are the wordless truths they learn from you."
So now I feel I must decide what WORDLESS truths I want to my kids to learn from my actions alone.
- I want them to learn that material things are so unimportant and that at times they can even make you sad. I express this WORDLESSLY by the fact that I never care what brands I wear. Our entire family values a bargains over price.
-I want them to learn that I value them as very important and respect their wants and needs and paths in life apart and independent from how they might be rated in school. I express this WORDLESSLY by always following their learning paths

Here is another book that has changed my life.

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