Apparently I'm Into Leather...Why didn't someone tell me?

One thing I have learned from reading every one of Katie Byron's books is that what other people think of me is THEIR business not mine. This is a HUGE improvement from where I use to be. I use to painfully care what others thought of me where it would consume all my time and energy trying to change their minds. Trying to control other's thoughts you know is a truly exhausting task; a full time job indeed. Luckily, I am cured from such a distortion of the mind and am free to be me without a care in the world.

I was happy to return to one fo the MOST valuable Katie Byron's lesson today when an acquaintance from work approached me and professed to know that I was somehow into "leather" or that I must had some exotic private life based on the fact that I wear a 1/4" width leather bracelet. His boldness and intrusive conversation both caught me totally off guard and made me chuckle at the same time. When I stupidly erred and continued the conversation, I briefly tried to correct him and make him aware of the plain nature of my life these days, he simply retorted with a smirk, "I've been around, I know". I then made a very conscious and Buddhist choice to just let it go and allow him think whatever he wanted of me and that his thoughts really were none of my business anyway, even if they were about me, his thought were none of my business. If he wanted to think of me as having a more exotic private life, more power to him...enjoy your fantasy buddy! If he only knew that most weeks I hardly even get a chance to put on lipstick, and even less pluck my eyebrows. Exotic is not part of my life....my priorities these days are so far from trying to be a deva...(LOL)
When I got home I shared with my husband this guy's assumptions based on my tiny leather bracelet that my son gave me a year ago. I had even forgotten this bracelet was even on my wrist and we both had a good laugh. It also made me realize that I too have lots of unproven assumptions swimming around my head; mostly about people I hardly know. In light of my experience, I made conscious effort to purge them out of my mind.

Life is quite funny if you have the right outlook.

Have a great day!

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