Early Childhood Dreams!


Competent, capable learners

Operate in the “scientific method” (making assumptions about the way the world works and then experimenting to check them out)

Children with disabling conditions do not have “special needs”, they have “special rights”

Drive the curriculum with their observations, insights, and questions


Are seen as “researchers”

Spend much time observing and documenting children’s work both in words and photos

Are partners with children in the learning process

Remain with a group of children for a three year cycle (birth to 3, or 3 to 5)

Are educated with “on the job” training


Are true partners in the life of the center

Are expected to participate in decision making

Are reflected in the documentation throughout the center


Centers have an artist on staff

All of the arts (visual, dance, music, etc.) are integrated into the daily life of the center

One administrator with an education background oversees one or more schools

There is a regular routine to the day, but the schedule for activities is not fixed

Children are encouraged to take multiple perspectives. They look at things from different aspects and angles

Children represent and re-represent their impressions through different media (drawing, writing, sculpting, etc.), building on their knowledge through in depth projects over time


Thoughtfully prepared to function as the “third teacher”

Along with art areas in each classroom, there is an art studio in the building

The outdoor area is as important as the inside as a learning environment

Natural light and plants abound

Documentation of the children’s work is displayed throughout (and left up for a long time)

Lots of mirrors and places to climb up and under (to allow children to see things in a different perspective)

Attention paid to use of light and shadow

Creating a Light Table CommunityColors On Our Hands

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