New Year's Resolutions 2010

So I need a place to place these and here seems the most appropriate.....I always love reading others' resolutions....and since my life is an open book, why not!

1. I resolve to be open about how you feel about things. Often, in the face of someone who may be more vocal my own feelings and opinions get lost in the loudness.

2. I resolve to play with my kids without TV, without the phone, without any distractions....

3. I resolve to allow my kids to lead when we play......stop telling them how to play.

4. I resolve to say yes more often and when possible when my kids ask me to start a project.

5. I resolve to assume the best out of most unknown and sketchy situations before jumping to the worse possible assumption.

6. Call home more often

7. Plan 2 trips with family way in advance so that we do not get caught in vacations and not having planned.

8. I resolve to appreciate my husband more.....he is amazing and too often I convince myself of the opposite.....when his deep love is all around me....too long to explain here....but, I know no man more devoted to his family. He reads books about playing, about education, about child rearing and he's constantly trying to be a better parent. He shops, he does all the laundry, he cooks, he gives amazing advice, he makes amazing conversation,......and lots, LOTS more...

9. I resolve to walk every weekday for 1/2 an hour.....

will post more later.....gotta go to work

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