Intergenerational doors need to open....

As a reflective human being I try my best to be as open as possible to all people. It's very important to me that people find comfort, self-acceptance and well being in their relations with me. It matters to me not because I care what they think of me, but because I genuinely want people to experience peace and love. In the least, I do not want to add to any one's negative Karma by bringing in them a feeling of anger, jealousy, or fear.

Every once in while I meet people who unlike me are totally closed to me. I have women who have no kids who in my presence have no interest or desire to even smile or say hello to me, as if there were some tacit rule about ignoring others who are 5 years older and above. I have women older than me who guided by their simple assumptions of me, choose not to be warm back as I smile and desperately try connect. This one is particularly sad for me, for I've always had such a longing for friendships with older women and when this happens I find it very unfortunate and such a loss of a deep connection possibility.

I am aware that in America people do not really know how to relate with people that are different than themselves. We set up play dates with like-aged children for our kids, classes are arranged by like-aged kids. This is a truly poor and sad way to fragment ourselves from the treasure that others have to offer. Not only can we gain an amazing amount from people who have nothing at all in common with us but it also keeps others from learning from us. But really, what do you all do when whole generations shut you out simply because you are out of their age bracket. It's a truly American phenomenon and a result of it's obsession with independence, youth, and competition.
When I was 15 and 16 I worked the summers for a women and her husband who were in their 60s. My entire way of being a mom, a cook and the way I relate to others is modeled after the wife. My soul connected with her so deeply that even years after her death, I can hear snippets of her sweet words in my mind, still gently teaching me the ways of life.

I will forever remember something my hubby said when I pregnant. He said, "before we got pregnant, I have never even noticed pregnant people". We all have people we walk past every day and never think twice about allowing their energies into our lives.
I dare you to open yourself up to someone today....someone you would have never thought of talking to ever.......in the least.....just smile and say"hello".

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