Losing pounds on healthy fruits and veggies

Okay, so I've never been very good at staying on diets....so now I am just going for healthy. I might lose the weight within a longer span of time, but it feels good and I am now on it for more than a month....which is amazing for ME....

For breakfast I might have a 3 egg whites on 1/2 toast and a cup of coffee, for lunch a huge salad with homemade dressing, for after-work snack I will have oatmeal with raisins, cocoa, and soy milk and for dinner another huge salad with chicken or tuna and dressing.....OR grilled vegetables with chicken or maybe a whole baked yam....

So far I have lost 3 inches on my hips and 3 inches on my waist...I do not own a balance so we'll have to see how that goes once I get a hold of one......my clothes fit me better and overall my skin is amazing....will keep you posted.

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