Organizing our tiny DC apartment

I have been cleaning up our apartment this summer. Here is half of stuff I have chose to donate to charity or give away to anyone who needs children's clothes, etc. here are 3 huge bags of clothes. I find it helps when trying to thin down what you have to use black trash bags. It also makes it very easy to give things away knowing someone else will use it and it won't be sitting in some landfill for the next 30 years. You may know this about me, but I hardly ever buy anything new. The only items we buy new are underwear and shoes. I am very proud to be a second hand shopper.
To make our living room much airier (is that even a word?) , I have used our hallway as a storage area for the kids' toys. Items are separated by types. Legos go in Lego buckets, dress up in the dress up bucket, and trains go with train tracks and trains.....
I have used pictures to help kids identify which toys belong in which buckets. I need to take more pictures, but that is the goal.
Interestingly, the one most popular toy bucket is the nature bucket. It has acorns, sticks, rock and pine cones.....so again, you never need to spend money on expensive toys.....kids find toys in almost anything from shipping boxes, to long gift wrapping tubes.

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