Personal Goals for the Summer 2010

I just wrote up four personal growth goals for my 2010 summer....I do not want another summer to pass me by and all of the sudden realize it's August and I'm asking myself, "Where has the time gone?"
Here it goes:
1. Travel
2. Learn
4. Make Friends

1. After this weekend we realized that we did not need to schedule trips that lasted all summer or were across the country to feel like we are on 'vacation'. We have about 5 more free weekends in which I full plan on scheduling for some more adventures. I think our next adventure will be at Jamestown Settlement on PA.

2. I have learned that I love to be inspired by other artists. I will either take art classes online or simply watch all the instructional artsy videos I can find on YouTube. Life cannot move forward in an exciting way without input from without.....Becoming inspired and allowing oneself to become inspired by others is very exciting.

3. Whether my work sells or not...I will aim to create as much as I can from any materials I feel most in love with at the time. Keep checking in for some upcoming projects in recycled paper landscapes and possibly some insect collages using recycled paper.

4. This last one is one that I will most often think of last. Yet, anytime I get a chance to connect with others on a face-to-face level I come away feeling refreshed and alive.....a total MUST for this summer.

What are YOUR summer goals?

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  1. Great goals you've set for yourself, made me stop and think about what I'd like from this summer as well.
    I'm happy you stopped by my blog so i could then come and see all the fun artsy things you've been up to :-)


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