All moms need ME time

With the kids going through this tough stage of sibling rivalry where they are constantly at each other's throat (figuratively) and requiring Chris or I to intervene and make peace, the one place and time I get a few minutes of peace is......(drum roll...) the shower!!!
To parents considering having a second child I think I should inform you the one BIG difference with a second child is drastically less time. You know how with your one child you have a set nap time where you know you will have some "me" time? Well, with a second child, they almost never sleep at the same time as the first child....so you do not get that time and when you do......oh, what a huge blessing it is......but do not plan on it.....you will just be sorely disappointed.
I love my kids more than anything. But I am a much better mom when I can get some "me" time in between the large amounts of "kid" times. Painting when they are asleep or watching great movies late into the night as I sip a glass of wine bring me back to myself. Try it. Or share with me how you take some time for yourself.

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