I'll take the genuine me, imperfections and all

"Learn to be quiet enough to hear the genuine within yourself so that you can hear it

in others."

-Marian Wright Edelman

I think above all else in my spiritual path I seek to be ME.

Not the cliche 'me' we learn about in self-esteem, self-help books or mix and match new age ideas. What I seek is the 'me' that is fully human, present and available to a common everyday world.

Seems quite easy to toss it aside claiming it too elementary and almost overlook its irrevocable depth. On the contrary, it's secrets are monumentally revolutionary in nature and have the potential to affect world change.

Imagine getting frustrated at someone and allowing yourself to actually walk the path of frustration without rushing to define it, or stuff it away, forcing yourself to feel something else incongruent to your very nature at that moment.

I have abandoned long ago trying to change the world through telling people how to live their lives. Now my only aim is to bring comfort to people in my presence by simply being myself.

From my own experience I have learned that most people are repelled or drained by unsolicited advice and lectures and that they do nothing to create change in my ways of thinking no matter how hard I may think I should.

Yet, when I meet a person who is so comfortable in their own body that it oozes out of every pore, I am drawn by their actions and voraciously seek out their ideas, thoughts and story. Also, in their presence I also feel immediately at ease and yet they do not need to utter a single word, for their actions speak volumes.

Remember, blindly trust that human beings have always been able to distinguish true brightness in human actions and that no verbal reminders are needed to solidify your credentials in people's minds. In the end, it's more meaningful and a longer lasting lesson to learn through example than through the guidance of someone else's words.

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