Luke Teaching Nora how to write her name and her letters

For all the fighting they do daily you bet I'd be recording any positive moments that go on between them....be aware then, these are very rare moments in our household.

Below is Luke proudly standing next to Nora's spelling of her own name.

Nora poses in front of her name......she looks so proud.
Luke teaching Nora to draw a letter "o"
Now she's trying to write an "8". I hear Luke saying, "Nora, it's just two 'o's that are on top of each other, no Nora! they are connected!"
He is so patient with her....just like Chris.
The whole time he is giving her positive reinforcement.....who knows, maybe he'll be a teacher too.....3rd generation in a row.
Look, an 'o' and an '8'.
Luke decides on a more challenging letter for Nora.
a 'v' !!
He holds her hand to show her how...

If I could just remember these moments every time they are driving dad and I crazy it might help me keep my strength during those times.

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  1. Ahhhhh, this is what is happening at home when I get these students who know how to do everything already....they have an awesome big brother at home teaching them. Good job Nora! Good job Luke!


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