Take BLISS when it comes...the rest can wait

Baby and Mom painting 16x20
We only have now,
This minute.
I look into your eyes,
Smell your breath as you come in for one of your ever-so-soft princess kisses.
I drift off thinking about the woman you will be one day,
I know there is so much more to you than your 27 pounds
attempting to taking it all in
Not drifting to the past or the future
feel a tinge of anxiousness
struggling to focus you while also trying to secure the future
and bring back the past
On the picture on the wall I see you smiling back at me
only a few months old,
and wonder,
how did we get HERE so fast?
I fear I may blink again and you will be graduating
or moving out
or getting married
I take in a deep breath and again focus on your perfect tiny face
Ironically I missed half of what you said while worrying about missing 'this'
Ultimately, all we DO have is now
this minute
this cuddle
I take another breath and this time I am here
with you my most precious gift
no one else exist but us two
I'm listening to your humorous voice, taking in your smile and breathing in your soft hair.

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