Solve all life's problems with one good teacher....

"If we could just get a great teacher in every classroom" they say,
"the child will have a sure future,
jackpots galore."

The most important educational factor in educational success is NOT the teacher

it's the parent...

what is it we want kids to learn in school?
Are they bags we must fill with facts?
Is more facts better?
Is a strong teacher one who has kids test high on standardized tests?
What do high test results prove anyway?

When do we test for curiosity, questionings, synthesizing and opinions?
How can we ever test for self-esteem derived from discoveries and explorations
Can a test spit out a number for smiles
for a feeling of belonging
in a community
can a score be placed on collaboration between school and home?

Is being a child something we must overcome as fast as we can possibly manage
Like an affliction we aim to quickly get over?
Is the creation of a 'productive' adult all we seek to produce
Where have we lost the process, the laughs and the child.
we have debated so long we forgot to include this child here...and that one over there...
At what point do we begin with them?

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