Thanksgiving's Small Moments

Dad creates a maze from blocks.
Here is a close up.
Lelo shares a swig of his special drink.
So nice to be together under one roof.
Nora kisses Lelo.
Nora and Lelo.

Julian has a very 'toxic candy'

Luke and dad decide to try it. Luke lasts 2 seconds.
Dad lasts quite a while.

Julian shares his ipod touch with Luke.....
Auntie Mirtha reads a story to Luke.
Plenty of cuddling time with Lela.
Nora showing off how she can now write 'mom' and 'dad' on her own.
Nora and Julian.
Tea time.
Nora's bird (3.5 years old)
Nora's snowman.
Nora's flower with roots and dirt.
Close up of tea time.
Nora's dog.
Nora's cat drawing.
Nora's monster.
Nora drawing on the sand.
Nora creating a sculpture in the sand with sticks.
Nora's finished stick sculpture in the sand.
Dad and I photographed each other's shadow.
Luke found a wide piece of wood. They used it to keep from getting wet each time the water came around.
Enjoyed photographing my mom's garden.
Photographed my sister's very adorable dog, Sadie.

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