Union Station and a walk to the Capitol-Family day trip

Right outside Union Station in DC there is this huge fountain sculpture. The angel's expression was so amazingly beautiful and calm against the blue sky.
Here is a different view.

Nora and Luke laying down in the sun.
Luke doing what he does best......running!
Trees right around the capitol are humongous....so beautiful.
There was a 'Quinceanera' (equivalent to sweet 16 for Latin Americans) at the Capitol posing for pics. The minute Nora noticed she yelled, 'There is a Princess'. We HAD to take a picture with the princess.
Nora watched 4 Tibetan monks posing for pictures and asked me to take her picture too.
Luke loves to climb trees. The trees right near the Capitol are very old Japanese cherry trees.....they are so beautiful.
Nora, future president....
Such an inviting tree.....
That is the wonderful thing about having kids. You might perfectly plan a trip, then find out that instead of having them enjoy the things you planned for, they enjoy things you often overlook. Thanks to them I can again appreciate a leaf pile, or tree climbing, or running down a hill.

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