Peak at my new art series

Only in art can I explain the deep impact that trees and nature has on my soul and way of being. I have been working every night for a week now on my "root" series. The kids are of course doing their own art besides me. It's the only way I have found I can make art while aware and awake.
Close-up of my "roots"
This one is called, "The idea". I am fascinated by the concepts of nature versus nurture.
My son likes it better reversed, so it looks like a tree. Not bad. But I prefer it as a root.
Closeup look at, "In love"
Luke loves touching the art once dried. He turned this one around too to make it look like a tree. My kids and hubby are my toughest critics.
Nora working on her own "root" mixed-media painting. Chloe sits besides her....the cats make such sweet company. They love watching her draw too, and sometimes chase her pencils drawing lines.
Check back soon or sign up on your left to get e-mail updates. I will not show the whole series until I am done with 12 paintings. My New Years resolution is to get several shows in DC. I will post the kids' work tomorrow.

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