Christmas Holiday Highlights

Nora with her double stroller at Lelas.
Sadie and the kids. I MISS having a dog.
Luke with his diamond. Santa sent it.
A strange bird we saw on our hike. Took me 2 hours to find out what it was.....a COOT!
got snow? (Nora loves to eat snow)
Nature walk finds.......adorable duckies. They look unreal.
Snow on my mom's bird feeder.
Six swans.
Nora in the snow.....have no idea what she's doing.
Alex and Nora dancing.
Yia with 5 of her 7 grandkids.
Yia reads to Luke.
Luke and Nora show off Auntie Jenna's handmade cookies.
And off with their heads.
New Years Drinks.......(non-alcoholic for L and N)
Nora and her drink......YUM! Happy New Year!
Mario and his coffee......none of us stayed up until midnight......yes, we are getting older!!LOL

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