Can I bottle up this moment for all time?

When you plan on having kids there is one thing you don't really think about or plan for, it's how these kids will interact with each other. You might have SOME idea of what this will be like, but since you have no idea the personality of your future children, it's impossible to be sure.

On that note, one of the most amazing 'bonuses' of having 2 kids has been this very fact; the interaction between the two of them. Yes, 90% of the time they spend their together arguing about totally insignificant things and these arguments literally can making my hair turn white. But every once in a while something happens, something that makes all the bickering about he-said/she-said or the never ending it-was-mine arguments absolutely worth it.

Today, before bedtime, Nora expressed wanting to read on her own. Being three, she pretends to read plenty. We think it's cute and just play along, except for Luke. Generally, it bothers him that she gets accolades while all along she is not yet reading. This night though, instead of the usual "That's not what it says Nora!", Luke decides he will take it upon himself to TEACH her a few things, real words. My ears perked up and I had to look up from my blogging on the couch. He goes to get a book and starts teaching Nora how to write the word 'cat'. Once she finished writing a beautifully executed 'CAt, he looks at it and adds in Chris' voice, "Now you need to write the word in lower case Nora, let me show you." I wish I can bottle up this moment for all time and come back to it whenever I wish throughout the rest of my days.....thank goodness for cameras....Thank goodness for for all the past bickering, for it makes this moment all the more special. I feel so blessed.

Above you see Nora's 'CAt' and then she 'practiced' writing lower case 'a' twice. That was Luke's curriculum lesson for the day.

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  1. Such a sweet moment. And you have it captured forever now. :) I can relate to this. My 2 are almost 7 years apart and still manage to to quite a bit of bickering. I treasure those moments of unity.


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