Reluctant adventures on a data phone

I am very late in the game of getting a modern phone, until last week I only owned a phone/text type phone. I have also been paying 55$/month plus tax with T-mobile for a measly 300 anytime minutes and 400 text messages. Complete robbery! My 2-year contract ended and I wanted to save money. I did tons of research looking for a smart but cheap alternative and found Virgin Mobile....and for $25/month I get 300 anytime minutes (which is more than enough for me), unlimited text and unlimited data time....WOW!! All I had to do was buy one of their phones. They are not top of the line, but for a novice like myself, I can't complain. The phone has been fantastic.

I somewhat understand now when I see people everywhere glued to their phones....but fear having this device take over my life. I do not want to have another thing in my life that takes over my time and energy. As a person who strives to live true to Buddhist philosophies I think it's important to be able to attend and focus on the task at hand without getting constantly pulled away by a vibration or a beep telling you there's a new 'tweet' or a new e-mail in your box; as if the world would end if that text was not replied to immediately. For now, I have turned off all non-necessary reminder sounds except the good 'ol ringing and so far my life has been somewhat the same....

On the positive end, it's been sweet. this past weekend, I misplaced the GPS for the car and was able to use the phone to get my family back home. I had a meeting across town cancel last minute and was able to get the notice before departing on a long, useless trek.

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