What!! Would you live here?

On our drive back from a national park in Maryland last week we kept driving past these signs for new homes for sale under 300K. We got curious and followed the signs to a very scary development. The houses were enormous, but were literally a few yards from each other. There were baby trees planted and when I got out of my car the take photos, I heard total silence, no birds, no people.....silence....I would not live here even if they paid me....no character, no yard, no trees.....
I began to get a headache driving around and I thought I was in a set for a movie, like in the Truman show....where everything looks just a bit too plastic.
Now couldn't the developers have left some extra land so that each home could have a real back yard. The homes literally had NO back yard....nothing....I suspect they got the land and the plan was to make the most out of their venture......
I think developers forget that ripping out trees and planting new ones makes the place look blasted out for decades......How could anyone live in a place with no trees......these baby trees will take years to get big enough to even shade a car.

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