The BOLD shall inherit the earth

The bold shall inherit the earth. That is my great life lesson learned this week. Now you don't need to be smart, you don't need to have any experience, you don't need to even have good ideas. You only need to sound like 'you know what you're doing' and people will support you. That is what I see happening all over, from education, to our elected officials, all the way down to more local situations.

The BOLD shall inherit the earth. I see young people, barely having stepped into schools being placed in positions of power in education leadership positions all over the country, parading around with 'bold' ideas that come across as promising and revolutionary, yet, they miss the mark dramatically. I see and hear only the 'bold' people all day and am made to feel these few loud people are wise, correct, on point and looking after the interests of all. It's all just a huge facade. Bold does not automatically translate to correct, or wise.....BOLD is simply that, loud and daring.

On a recent interview with Bill Maher, he stated how he felt most of the American people are not very bright. At first, I thought, "how arrogant of this guy!", yet now, I feel this is inherently true seeing how most of the people choose not to get their heads out of the sand and scratch below the surface on any serious issues effecting our world today. In the end we get a distorted view of reality thanks to the very few, yet loud and bold wackos who do get airtime simply because they have 'something' to say.

So there is a lesson here worth walking away with here. The silent majority better start speaking up if we ever want to be truly represented. It's a 'doggy-dog world' and we better stop thinking we will be invited to the table fairly, and democratically. How about not waiting. How about not waiting at all to be invited to the table. Yes, you'd be playing their game...so what, be bold, be dramatic, put on an act like they do. The BIG difference is that, unlike them, you might know what you are doing. Unlike them, it might not be just about gaining power. Unlike them, you might actually be right for the task and know what the hell you are doing. So I urge all those people who have been afraid to step up, or sitting around for the world to notice them, to embolden their approach and show up uninvited....crash the part---eyyyyy!

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