Finding a gift from a friend long gone-message from the universe

I love how when you openly ask the universe for something, it comes to you...but not always in the ways you expect them to come your way. I had asked for strength. Strength to maintain my eye on my priorities and make decisions primarily based on them, strength to wave away fear in following my own path and vision, and strength to look inside myself and face my own weaknesses so as to become a better person.

I would have never expected my answer to come the way it did. I was cleaning this weekend. Spent all Saturday filling up trash bags full of STUFF we no longer need. Monday comes and 4 huge trash bags sit waiting to be dragged to the thrift store, and a pile of clothes by my bed that need some form of hemming, trimming, fixing, etc. But the highlight of my weekend and my response from the universe was finding a secret note from a good friend that had tragically taken his life 4 years ago tucked away in a painting he'd given me to celebrate my son's birth. He had wrapped the small watercolor painting in clear tape and when I removed the backing of the frame I saw a note in his handwriting saying, "I wrote you something on the back of my picture Mir, Just peel off tape." Took me half an hour to peel off the tape but inside was a short, sweet note about how he specially painted this for me to celebrate my son's birth. My heart was full, this was a true gift.....as true a gift as anyone could give another. Made me realize that when someone dies their love remains with us forever. The moment I read it I knew he was right beside me, holding my hand the whole time. I have no fear and I am sure strength lives within me.

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