Finding Healthy Inspirations from unlikely sources

In two months I lost 20 lbs. While I am nowhere near my goal I could not be happier. I've been wanting to lose some of this extra 'baby weight' for some time, but somehow had never been ready enough to stick with it long term. Yet, there are some unlikely sources that have helped me enormously in staying on track and I thought to share them with you here.

* YOUTUBE: above all other sources I have used to keep me inspired, YouTube has been the TOP contributor. I have watched countless hours of videos from people on: *healthy cooking recipes, *people who juice, *Raw food folks, and on and on.....every time I would feel that my progress was slowing down I would just stay up late and watch some of these inspirational people. Try it, put in a search for healthy recipes and you will see hundreds of videos of people actually showing you how and what to do with food.

* Netflix: I swear by my Netflix stream account. they have these amazing documentaries about food that you can stream anytime. They have been seminal in getting me motivated to even start on a healthier lifestyle.

* Public Library: Find amazing free resources for recipe books. Rent one or two and go shopping. If you like it copy the recipe on a card and keep them in a box.

* A phone APP: I have this application on my android phone called 'simple weight' and I weigh myself once a week and record my progress on this app. They have this neat chart that visually shows you your progress and it's so motivating to see the line sail down every week. Some also have the BMI and some tell you how far you've come, etc. Shop around and find the one that suits you.

* Email: Every month I use a measuring tape to take my dimensions (waist, hip, chest, etc). I email the dimensions to myself and that way I have the dimensions date-stamped and saved. When I take new dimensions I just search for that email and forward it to myself with the new information.

* Pedometer: I wear one daily and keep track of how many steps I take a day. Some days I challenge myself to reach a certain number.

* NUTS!!! : I know they are expensive, but I buy a lot of nuts, all different kinds and keep a bag of them in my purse at all times. That way, when I am out running errands I can snack on something heavy and healthy. My favorite are salt-free sunflower seeds from Whole Foods, they are less than 2$.

* Dehydrator: I bought myself a dehydrator. Sounds pretty boring right? wrong!! now I can buy fruits in bulk that are on sale, for example, and eat some the way they come but also use the rest to make dried fruit 'snack' for later or to store for when those fruits are not in season. I also make tons of other foods with my dehydrator such as chewy granola-ish snacks, dry herbs, 100%fruit roll ups, etc. All ultra-healthy.

* My eyes: I love, love, love eating. When I started this it was very, very important for me to continue to enjoy my food. So I look at healthy-bent recipe books and find recipes that look good and make them. I make food that LOOKS good to me. None of that mush we all initially think about when we think 'vegan' or 'vegetarian' or 'healthy eating.'

* Healthy friends: I have gotten tons of advice and inspiration from friends who have managed to begin and continue a healthy lifestyle. I truly believe that in the end we are an accumulation of everyone we have ever met. I drink 3 glasses of water in the morning because a friend of mine did it and was able to always maintain her weight. Take time to find out what systems others have developed to make their healthy living possible or easier.

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