Presenting Artists Featured in the War Voices Art Show October 7th in D.C.

Presenting Artists Featured in the War Voices

Art Show October 7th in D.C.

As a part of our forum on October 7th in Washington D.C., War Voices will be bringing together a collection of film and artwork from the U.S. and Afghanistan that addresses the U.S.-NATO war in Afghanistan, Afghan women’s thoughts on the issues that affect them, the relationship of the current occupation to previous wars there, ideas for reconciliation between veterans and those whose land they occupied, and the stories of war resisters in both countries.

St. Margaret's Episcopal Church1830 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC

Featured artists include:

Basir Seerat
Seerat is an Afghan photographer and member of 3rd Eye, a film and photojournalismcenter based out of Kabul. Seerat graduated from Kabul University in 2005 with a Fine Arts degree from the Department of Theater and Cinema. In 2005, he was kidnapped by the Taliban in the Nuristan province while making a documentary film about the lives of women in that region. He escaped from the Taliban after 10 days. See his website here.

Farzana Wahidy
Wahidy is a photojournalist from Kandahar, Afghanistan. In 2004, she began working for Agence-France Presse, making her the first Afghan photojournalist to work for an international wire service. Her photographs document daily life in Afghanistan. A graduate of the photojournalism program of Loyalist College in Ontario, Canada, Wahidy later joined the Associated Press news agency and has won several awards and recognitions, including from the All Roads Film Project and Photography Program sponsored by the National Geographic Society in 2008.Another of Wahidy’s projects, Life for Women in Afghanistan, allowed her to create a film about women in Afghanistan intended for Afghan, rather than Western, audiences.

Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative
Justseeds is a decentralized network of 26 artists working from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and committed to making print and design work that reflects a radical social, environmental, and political stance. The War Voices art show will feature highlights from thesoon-to-be-released portfolio that Justseeds has created with Iraq Veterans Against the War for their Operation Recovery campaign. The portfolio includes pieces on PTSD and profiles of current war resisters, including Travis Bishop.

Laimah Osman
Osman is a New York City based artist. In her work, Osman appropriates pictures from newspapers, primarily depicting The War On Terror that followed 9/11/2001. Ten yearslater she continues to archive and manipulate pictures from the ongoing wars in Central Asia. She uses this imagery as a starting point…drawing, and using collage to erase the existing picture and reframe the image to form new narratives. She states: “…On a basic level, pictures are a way for me to connect to Afghanistan, my country of birth. They are a way for me to bridge the great physical distance between my current home and my past. I search the picture and look for clues that trigger memories and my imagination. Physical distance is hard, an absolute, but psychological distance is soft and can travel great distances and time.”

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