THIS is what kindergarten should look like.....

                               I am making a point this summer to show all the magic of what education COULD be without all the testing that is currently dumbing it down. I have this teacher, Sally, whom I follow through her blog and she does amazing, creative and magical things with young kids. Imagine all kindergarten classes looked and felt this wonderful. Below is a sampling of what she does.....here is the LINK to her site too....
A few weeks ago I was walking around the neighborhood with my husband when I spotted this wonderful dead tree sitting on the curb -- it still had the roots!!  "Honey, pick up that tree for me."  My husband grimaced.  He knew all too well - another art project!

Trees are one of my favorite art forms!  Here is how I took a dead tree and had the children transform it into a Fairy Tree.  (It was a part of my recycling unit - we recycled a dead tree!! LOL!)

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