Playing in Nature (Difficult Run Trail off Georgetown Pike in Virginia)

During our hike, Nora finds a 'natural' bridge, as she called it. She kept walking on it, to go to her island. 

We had this whole place to ourselves. It was picture perfect. Rocks galore, safe waters, quiet, etc. 

Luke then had an idea of making his own bridge and began collecting rocks. 

I love it when kids come up with their own ideas of what to do. I use to feel guilty not 'playing' with the kids as much. But now I stand back a bit and let them come up with the games and the rules and then after, if I feel inspired, I join in. Not as a leader, but as a follower. If most games kids play are adult-driven, kids will never develop their own sense of creativity. 

Nora joined in. Then mom. 

After about 40 minutes he was halfway done. Next time we go we'll bring chairs for this could have easily gone on all day. 

It's a miracle to see these two get along. I'm glad we captured it. 

The bridge is done. Ta da!!

Dad even went over it to test out the bridge's strength. 

The kids were so proud of their bridge. It took over an hour to complete. 

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