Making Decisions We Can Live With

           Saw an amazing movie, The Devil Came on Horseback, about the atrocities that happened and continue to happen Darfur. It's a documentary based on a book by a young ex-marine who by chance, finds himself witnessing mass slaughters, rapes and ethnic cleansing in the area and who then uses his photos to try to convince the world of these killings and speak against them. 

          When I see stories like this, I am renewed in my belief that the universe has a plan for everyone and that it's up to us to allow for these twists and turns of life to reveal to us the ultimate purpose of our lives. I believe with all my heart that everyone has a purpose here. Unfortunately, that does not mean that we all will necessarily hail to the call of 'destiny' and right away gear all aspects of our lives in that direction. But I do know that in order to maximize on our lives' purpose three essential ingredients must e present. The three ingredients include, (1) an almost raw and genuine honesty with ourselves, (2) fearless bravery and (3) total acceptance of circumstances that might have not necessarily been in our plans. This plight needs to take on an 'at-all-cost' status. For example, this young man in the movie, a former Marine named Brian Steidle, was at first fearful that showing his photographs 
might get him in trouble with various entities here in the States.
Yet, his inner voice was so convincing and loud that he knew right away that what he was doing was right and true, even at the face of all his fears.

         There comes times in our lives when difficult decision must be made for the larger good. We must choose between what's cozy and easy and what's an obvious uphill battle for the ultimate right; whatever that may be for us at the time. What I find most poignant about these 'life battles' is how unimportant other's opinions and perspectives becomes once we know in our hearts what is right. This year for example, I left a job I loved very much after painfully realizing that under the current administration I would not prosper as a professional or as a human being. Lots of people had very strong feelings about my decision to find greener pastures, but ultimately I knew that it would be me who needed to live with this decision and therefore only my understanding of my predicament truly mattered. Making the right decision is never easy, but after the dust settles, we knew we took the right path if we can walk with our heads held high.   

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