Update on my daily running routine

                   I have managed to carve a half-hour daily running/jogging work-out routine for a month now. I am in disbelief that I am able to find the time to accomplish this daily, and without fail. For years I have been making excuses after excuses to avoid having to really work out. Yet, here I am at a point in my life where I know in my bones that this is not going to roll back to some form of lazy complacency. All it took was a clear decision not to hear the excuses, not even for a minute to entertain them in my head. Despite my day's tiredness each night, despite my daily inner resistance I went out that door and did it and I could not be more excited.  A few months back this would have seemed like a huge undertaking, yet, after a few days it was a breeze walking out that door and hitting the pavement. The amazing feeling one gets from sweating, from feeling strong and fearless is worth every bit of effort. After just several days, the routine no longer feels like a struggle. It begins to feel more like a lifeline, a pure necessity to maintaining total well being. 

             Although the routine has become quite simple to accommodate into my days nowadays, I did have quite a bit of setting up work that needed to be established at the beginning. I got new sneakers, I got a heart rate monitor, I set up all my running clothes, sneakers and socks in one place in my closet so I can quickly access them and head out the door.  Last but not least, I had to adjust and time when I ate at night in order to be able to run on an empty stomach once my two kiddies went to bed. Last, I even created fun mixes and uploaded them along with inspiring books onto my iPod Touch to give my workout that extra fun kick. 

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