More ornaments from this evening's creative session

This was some packing material for something I had ordered. I used a thick thread to stitch the two parts together. 

This too was packing material from something, perhaps the computer I got a few months back. The gingerbread men are a bit skinny, but they are very cite together. 

Luke made these 2 'candy canes' with carton from a cereal box that was in the recycling bin. 

On our walk back from the park Nora and I collected these pine cones. We painted them with silver paint and after it dried, we added gems to two of them. They each have a gold-colered ribbon.

Luke made a huge 'L' ornament for his name. 

Inspired by the heart one I made yesterday, Nora created one with gems. Mine had button decorations. 

This is a stocking made with the same packing material from the previous ornaments. 

Nora, my 5 year old stitched this heart ornament all by herself. 

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