My Running MUSTS List......

Here are some of the items I use daily when I go for my runs.....I had to get used to my Brooks Pure Connect shoes but I am very, very happy with them. They are minimalists, incredibly light and just get better the more they are used. Mine are in yellow and you can see them a mile away in the dark. Great reflectors. 
Brooks PureConnect: 

Pepper Spray: Because I run at 6am and the sun does not come up until 7am I carry pepper spray with me....in my hand. I know it sounds a bit extreme, but there is no one else out there at this time except a few runners here and there and then I'll run for blocks and blocks with no one in sight. I am a mom and I'd one day love to be a grandma...so I'd rather be safe than sorry. I got mine from Dicks Sporting goods in Maryland, in the 'hunting' section. If you have kids you need to make sure you tell all of them not to use/touch it. 

Kickbooty Tech Stretch from Athleta: These pants are both warm, fitting well on my non-so skinny figure and dry overnight if handwashed. They also have the ability to wick a lot of sweat......I need to buy a few more pairs...
reflectors....a huge MUST if running in low lighting.....

when running in sunny days....I always wear sunscreen. Not getting any younger!!

I use this to keep track of calories burned and heart rate. Comes with a strap that goes across your chest, under your clothes....very easy to use. 

When running I listen to fast merengue music always. It matches a very fat foot pace and you can't help but to keep up with the fast pace.

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