Let Girls be Girls Damn It!

This is a response to a video supposedly created to empower girls to like more science. It was made by a female engineer that felt too few women were in the field. You can find the original post HERE.

I think girls just like different things....Nora likes easthetics, animals, is very keen on relationships, endless chatter with friends, graceful movement, etc. Luke, on the other hand, likes science, learning about the best of the best in all sports, large rough movements, running, being loud, climbing to the top of anything, racing, competing, roughhousing, AND reading about all of the above, etc. This video makes me think that if only we made girls more like boys, but how about making girls more like girls??I Interpersonal relationships, social relationships, all these skills could easily be our future peace talks leaders, our diplomats, our marriage counselors, we have our strengths too. It's should not be about "ripping away" the princess from the girl, it's should be about valuing what girls value and making girls away that those gifts have value. Nora went through a "pink stage" and so many moms would comment on it as a problem, they even gave her anti-princess books to make her become more, "empowered", to wash away the pink essentially; as if I made her this way, AND as if it was a problem. I did not put it there so I treated it as it was, a stage. so I think the video is not really looking at girls and who they are, what they are interested in, and yes, it may not be THE SAME thing boys like, and that should be okay. I empower my daughter every day by simply allowing her to define herself...limiting external images of girls/women as much as a I can in this modern world and what comes out can't help to be just fine. 

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