Snippet of prints and printing plates from impact series(2-5)

This is what a used printing plate looks like. I find it quite interesting, all the textures, all the different ways in which the materials have soaked in the paint. 

This is my favorite print so far! The textures come together so well balanced. Lots of nice contrasts.

Below are other printing plates, placed besides their corresponding prints. I am having such a great time making these prints, each one a new surprise.

These are a series of snippets ( not whole) sets of prints

Even in places where too much paint was applied rendered rich texture. Look at the left image above

Certainly gluing the items on with Tacky Glue works better than regular Elmer's glue.

What's next? I'd like to take notes on which items rendered the most interesting prints....also, I want to explore placing these items in a circle instead of in rows, on top of one another.


This photo on display right now at Pyramid Atlantic

Smaller texture collages ready to be printed

These are ready to be printed tomorrow. Can't wait to to see what the prints look like. 

Each item can be found in anyone's trash. Can you recognize any of these items. 


Exploring crayon encaustic with my 7 year old

We have a grand old time melting our old crayons. Nora preferred her work to be "bumpy" while I was enjoying watching the colors melt into each other in swirls. 

These are Nora's works. She was really going for texture here. The one on the bottom left was on thick watercolor paper. 

My explorations, as you can see, have more swirls. My son said they look like "outer space"

Exploration into textures

Everyone that knows me knows just how much I love garbage. I've been making art with garbage forever....well, with kids that is. Well, just the other day I made texture collages with my kindergartener in which I used tons of valid recycled materials to make collages. Their work got me all fired up about trying out these collages myself. In addition, I got all fired up about using these collages to make textured prints. I have yet to find the time to make my prints but the "printing plates" are dry and ready to go...more to come. 

Detail ...

You can purchase the print on Etsy at Www.miriamsart.etsy.com