An ARTIST MOM'S DILEMMA.....the time to create

         Filled with new art possibilities now with my new Fiskars puncher. Now if I can only get the time to create. 
         I know I am probably more creative daily than most moms I know, yet, if I had it my way, I would be pumping out work right and left; ten times more work than I make now.  I would be breathing creativity in and out. I have stopped painting as much once my oldest was born 4 years ago.  Once Luke (now 4) turned 3ish it became painfully obvious that painting was no longer possible for that period in time, he would want to explore into my wet tubes and crawl around my easel. Instead of putting off all creativity, I began using photography as a new form of creative expression, thousands of pictures of all the amazing moments became my new escape. Most people I share my issues with in this area offer the common solution of doing my work after the kids go to sleep. Sounds excellent in theory, yet in reality, most nights I have a hard time getting beyond the sleepiness I feel to even manage to check my e-mail. "Me" time has been reduced to blogging, reading the news on Democracynow.org and Al-Jazeera and catching a flick on Hulu. 
          Please do not misunderstand my words.  I do not see these current "accommodations" as negative in any way.  I have allowed myself to open up to all forms of creative expressions and going with whatever creative flows taps my shoulder. In the art world such short and uncommitted dips into various media can be interpreted as unprofessional or uncommitted to an real art career. Having been unconventional for most of my adult life I will forgo such messages and embark on this eclectic adventure full force. Slowly I have come to trust myself more and what matters most to me is the ability to be creative, period.  
         In writing this blog I aim to see for myself the ways in which all my ideas comes from life and daily inspirations I pick and choose on my journey; very much like a huge self perpetuating system. Therefore whatever form these works take, is unimportant.  What matters most is that the expression is allowed to grow and take off on it's own path.

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