Obsessed with Fiskars Punchers

          It began with a curious new art toy I bought myself online.  I cannot even recall what was going through my mind when I bought it. Once I began using these Fiskars Punchers I was hooked. Oddly enough, I have a very hard time figuring out why I like them so much. It might be the million possibilities I come up with when I work with them or the fact that each perfect circle is similar to strange planets. I start each work with a vague idea of a pattern, a rule. I create boxes and circles based on my basic plan. I then paint the entire canvas either black, red or white. You can view or buy them at my etsy sites http://www.miriamsart.etsy.com OR http://www.mm72873.etsy.com. I am slowly moving toward ideas around paper mosaic on wooded furniture that has been previously painted black.  I have 4 chairs I found at a thrift store and will get started on them as soon as I decide whether to use recycled paper colors or buy paper in the colors I need. 

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