Jelicious JELLY

           We made Jelly tonight. My sister Mirtha had brought by some very bitter apples last week and we finally had some time to kill. Both kids got a non-serrated butter knife, a cutting board and some quarter apples to cut away. This kept them busy for at least 30 minutes which is great for either of them. Both kids are very used to using a knife, they "help" in cutting vegetables often. Nora is a bit awkward still, yet, at 1.5 she's very advanced in her small motor skills. 

Nora trying to figure out how to use the knife

Luke's grip is that of an expert cutter. At Nora's age he was already cutting zucchini into equal sized cubes and putting them in a bowl for me....

So I ended up doing most of them at the end. But it was a great practice session for both of them. 

Luke was enjoying eating them more than cutting them. 
After about 20 minutes her grip got better!! She looks like a chef now. 

Her concentration level just makes me want to squeeze her. Nora is an old lady at heart.
Our jelly came out perfect. 
I helped Luke create the label and I taped it on. Now we will have jelly for breakfast tomorrow. 
I don't really have a recipe. Today I used 4 bitter apples, 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup sugar and simmered all of it in a pot. I then added ground and sifted cloves (1/2 tsp.).  You break all the big chunks with a wooden spoon, let cool and pour into a wide-mouthed jar with a fitting lid; I used a pickle jar. 

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